Carlex-designed Mercedes-Benz X-class 6×6 vehicle!

Forget about the X-class 6×6 conversion; when it first came up more than a year ago, Classic young timers were available for purchase. In this section, a totally different planet exists. And we even know who the tuner is that is behind it. because Carlex Design is the team that created the car. And it seems like a lifetime ago when the powerful X-Class was even announced. 2018 saw the release of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class EXY 6 6 for off-road use, followed soon after by the EXY MONSTER X CONCEPT for urban use.

However, we had our concerns that the project would actually be carried out after Mercedes-Benz opted to abandon the X-Class in the interim.

However, that is precisely what happened, and the outcome is the most extreme 6×6.

The X-Class, which incidentally was sold by Mercedes as a result of a collaboration with Nissan/Renault, is noticeably smaller than most American vehicles, but that is no longer the case following the alteration.

According to what we know, a Swedish company by the name of Jarudd’s Class Cars was also involved in the project and recently displayed the rare specimen at the Elmia Car Show.

The Ferrada FT3 rims in matte black with crazily massive 2410-inch tyres that are also plastered with incredibly unusual tyre tickers were used to create the X-Class after the body was extended and an extra axis was added Of course, there was also the bizarre bodykit by Carlex Design.

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